Sports Massage Newbury and Thatcham

If you're seeking a sports massage service, you've come to the right place. Welcome to our dedicated sports massage service located in the Newbury and Thatcham area.

So What Is Sports Massage?

We see it quite simply as hands on treatment techniques to encourage muscles to relax, restoring them to their ideal state. When a muscle reaches its optimal state, it gains the ability to perform at an elevated level, enhancing performance while diminishing the likelihood of pain or injury.

While sports massage is at the core of our service, we pride ourselves on a distinctive and forward-thinking methodology. Our approach centres around you and your unique injury, viewing your body holistically and investigating the functional connections that may underlie your concerns.

Our mission is clear: pinpoint the root cause and provide a lasting solution.

Recognising the uniqueness of every individual, we customise our sports massage treatments to suit your distinct goals and needs. Our therapists conduct a thorough assessment, engaging in a discussion about your objectives to develop a personalised plan for optimal results. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tension, aiming for enhanced performance, or simply desiring overall relaxation, our commitment is to deliver an exceptional experience aligned with your aspirations.

Contact us today to schedule your sports massage. Let our skilled therapists pave the way to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced version of yourself.

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We certainly don’t want to claim that what we do is any better or different than any other sports massage. We do however, have more intent in what we do. If your hamstrings keep needing to be massaged then why not ask, why is this happening?

Each appointment lasts 45 minutes and costs £54.

We do need to do some assessment to get a baseline, however this is normally a very quick and efficient process allowing for plenty of time for actual hands on treatment. We send out online forms prior to your first appointment to keep any admin in the session to a minimum.

The expectation is you leave the session feeling an immediate change, whether that’s the level of pain, movement or overall mobility. There can be some soreness experienced post treatment. This is normally like an old bruise feeling for 24-48 hours.

The simple answer is yes. However, some people will have certain conditions or on medication that might impact what we can do. Normally this means more care is taken to avoid deep sustained pressures. If you have any concerns then please get in touch beforehand.

Of course, if you have just run a marathon and your legs are feeling heavy, we are more than happy to just massage your legs. We want to tailor anything we do to meet your expectations.

Possibly the hardest question to answer, everyone and every condition is different. We will give you a better indication of this during your first appointment with us.