Sports Injury Clinic Newbury and Thatcham

Rapid Recovery, Stronger Than Ever

At Newbury Sports Therapy, we’ve encountered a spectrum of injuries stemming from diverse sports activities. With our therapists’ wealth of experience, including collaboration with various sports teams, we possess a unique skill set to guide you on your journey to recovery.

The optimal time to kickstart your rehabilitation is right after your injury. Our team believes that immediate intervention with the right treatment and rehabilitation programme significantly accelerates your return and minimises the chances of a recurrence.

Our mission is clear: we're here to support you in coming back not just swiftly but stronger than ever before.

Our expertise also extends beyond recent injuries; we specialise in addressing those lingering, mysterious conditions that seem to have no clear starting point. The kind that leaves you pondering their origin and questioning if you’ll ever play again.

Fortunately, these situations are familiar terrain for us. A small adjustment to your movement can make an immediate and impactful difference in how your sports injury feels.

If your goal is a swift return to your favourite sport—be it running, cycling, swimming, football, or even recovering from a remote control-induced injury while watching sports on TV—we’re here to turn those goals into reality.

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